Frequently Asked Questions

Quite a number of people have been asking questions about the WienerStick which have not really been addressed other places on the website.  This area seeks to answer those questions.

Cooking vertically, doesn't the food burn on the bottom before ever cooking on top?
Because of the unique design of the WienerStick, heat is absorbed by the metal plate on the bottom and instead of burning the food, is transferred up into the metal of the tines.  The stainless steel does an excellent job of heating the food all the way up the middle and cooking it from the inside to out.

Will you sell or share my email address, or those of the people I refer to you in the free draw?

Absolutely not.  The only thing we will use your email address for is to notify you of the results of the draw.  We don't like spam any more than anyone else.

How can I suggest more recipes for the WienerStick?
Simply use our contact form and let us know.  We'd love to hear ideas you might have for using the WienerStick in new and original ways.

I have another question which wasn't answered here…

We welcome all feedback on both the site and the WienerStick. Feel free to let us know of any questions you might have for us. We'll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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