Feature Testimonials – What people had to say about this barbecue accessory!

Here are some of the comments we’ve had on the WienerStick after people have given it a try. Seems like once they’ve tried it, everyone likes it a lot.

Luv it luv it luv it !
The best hot dog cooker ever .!
No more burnt hot dogs and uses way less space on BBQ than laying them out.
I’m ordering 10 more for gifts for family and friends!

“The other day I went to cook some ‘farmer sausage’ with the weinerstick. Unfortunatly I left the bar-be-que on 500 degrees farenheit and forgot about it for 15 minutes. Since this has happened before I was ready for the typical charcoal meal. To my astonishment nothing was burn’t and the inside was still tender and juicy. Right there it paid for itself and saved my bar-be-queing reputation.” – Darren Siemens

“We used a wienerstick once, just to try it out, and we were hooked. Now we use it all the time. Our BBQ has a tendency to undercook or overcook due to an overhigh flame. With this tool nothing need ever be burned. We have even used it to cook steak!

I’d recommend this tool to anyone who BBQs. It is easy to use, and the results are phenomenal.” – Jon Drury

“The cool thing about this thing, is that when it’s dirty, I can just chuck it in the dishwasher and we’re good to go!”

“I use it all the time for cooking hotdogs for the kids. And we’ve had quite a few people ask us what it was and where we got it.”

“This barbecue accessory takes all the frustration out of doing hotdogs and wieners. I can’t believe how easy it is to use!”

We were recently featured in our local newspaper, the Abbotsford News. Check out what they said about us!

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