About WienerTec

Wiener Tec kind of got it's name by accident.  We were trying to find a catchy name to call our invention and were told to find at least 3 different names,  well it was late at night and we only had two names between us and our kids, so the kids just rolled off the name Wiener Tec for the heck of it so we could go do something else.  Guess What, The other two names were disallowed so here we are Wiener Tec Ltd

The name kind of grows on you even though it limits your imagination of all the things you can cook on it.  The name is also easy to remember.

It's been a long road, but we're finally into production and distribution.We planned to used the proceeds to do some of the things that we always wanted to do like if we see someone in need we could actually help them out, instead of just wishing we could. It would be nice to be able, at a moments notice,  to  actually put together a crew and pay their expenses at home as well as the job and pack up what we needed and help out in some disaster or other.   All these years whenever something happened we didn't have the funds to help out. Now with God's help we will.

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