Gift Ideas – Why Not Give the WienerStick?

Well! It’s almost that time again, SPRING is sprung and its almost Summer, time to haul out the old bbq. and try out the WIENER STICK, You’ll LOVE it, give it a try, and you’ll wonder how you ever barbecued without it.

If you got to this page from a search engine or somewhere other than our site, you may not know what a WienerStick is! Feel free to click here to find out more about this barbecue accessory, and how you might use it We also have a slideshow of WienerStick action shots, which you may want to check out.

At parties, this gift idea makes it so easy to add that extra selection of food when some members of the group just don’t want “the regular”. And you can experiement with it. Try cooking something other that hotdogs or smokies on it and tell us about the results! We have quite a few recipes here online already, which you might like to try.

So stop searching for that elusive cooking device or gift idea, and order a WienerStick today.

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